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  • Mixed Martial Arts


    If you want a high-intensity, hold-nothing-back martial art – our Petal MMA classes are guaranteed to hit the spot. Classes are packed with powerful techniques from some of the most powerful martial arts styles around the world…

    … Muay Thai… Kickboxing… Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… and more. Plus, you’ll get ripped, lean and toned – and in incredible shape. Whether you’re looking to compete, or you just want a great work out…


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  • Kids Martial Arts

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    Our Petal kids martial arts classes are designed to not just teach your child self-defense… but to help them excel at life. Team-building exercises build encouragement, teach support, and positive social skills. The determination and hard work they put in to learn each move provides discipline, focus and drive.

    All the excitement they get advancing through the belts of martial arts builds a tremendous amount of self-esteem and confidence. In short, these kids martial arts classes…

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  • Fitness Kickboxing

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    Ready to burn that body fat and get a lean, well-toned, and highly energized body… if you’re tired of useless diets, weight loss programs, and all those other tricks that just do not get results…

    You will find what you are looking for in our fitness kickboxing classes. Members are dropping pounds on a weekly basis – while having a great time and getting fit. After all, these classes are not just for weight loss – they are also a whole lot of fun. Drop by and try 3 classes today, and start shedding pounds while getting fit…

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