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If you're craving a high-intensity, hold-nothing-back martial art - our Petal MMA classes are guaranteed to hit the spot. Every class is packed with powerful techniques from some of the most lethal martial arts around the globe…


... Muay Thai... Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... Kickboxing... and more. Plus, you'll experience professional-grade conditioning to get you ripped, lean and toned - and in incredible shape. Whether you're looking to compete, or you just want a...]






Our Petal kids martial arts classes are designed to not just teach your child self-defense... but to help them excel at life. Team-building exercises teach support, encouragement and positive social skills. The hard work and determination they put into learning each move teaches discipline, focus and drive.


And the joy they get when they advance through the ranks of martial arts builds tremendous confidence & self-esteem. In short, these kids martial arts classes...










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Muay Thai Kickboxing :: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu :: Birthday Parties



Our facility here in Petal, MS treats students with all the understanding that they deserve. We offer a clean and safe atmosphere and we are sure that our school is developed to enhance self-defense and combative success. We believe that Martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, or religious values. We are focused and committed to helping you achieve all of your long term goals while training here in Petal, MS and are positive you will get the most out of your time invested here.








Lightning fast strikes… hardcore conditioning… learning to use every part of your body as a weapon… In short, Muay Thai is a fast-paced, high-intensity, hold-nothing-back martial art for those of us who live a "take no prisoners" kind of life.

In these classes, you'll uncover the incredible secrets of this Thai style of fighting. And because every session is packed with state-of-the-art conditioning, you'll get ripped, lean, toned, and in amazing shape too. Great for those looking to compete - or looking for a hardcore hobby that'll get you in awesome shape.




Imagine being as dangerous on your back as you are standing on two feet. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives you the ability to be an unstoppable force in both situations. In these classes, you'll learn the incredible techniques used by the famous Gracie family themselves for grappling and submitting any opponent - no matter their size.

It's fun. It's hardcore. And it'll get you in incredible shape, too. Plus, with the "family" vibe of our classes, you'll have all of the support, encouragement and motivation you need to do your best… and then some.




Parents all over Petal are breathing sighs of relief with our fun, structured kids birthday parties. Why? Well, everything that used to be a hassle with your kids birthday has just become easy and fun! We cover the supervision… we organize and run the activities… and we handle everything else.

All you have to do is show up, have fun, enjoy your child having the time of his or her life, and enjoy the company of the other parents. Plus, kids LOVE these parties. In fact, it's not uncommon for kids to rave about the party for weeks after they've over!



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